Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Verdict in Abu Ghraib Trial of Lt Col Jordan

The Washington Post and AP are reporting that LTCOL Jordan, the former commander of the Joint Interrogation Briefing Center at Abu Ghraib, was acquitted of the most serious charges. Most sources are reporting LTCOL Jordan was found guilty of a single specification of disobeying an order to not talk about the investigation of abuse at Abu Ghraib. Sentencing is scheduled to begin this afternoon.

Anyone at the verdict announcement? Any inside information/ preview available on the likely sentencing strategy by either side?


John O'Connor said...

As I read tyhe media reports, it seems that MG Fay told LTC Jordan not to discuss the investigation but that LTC Jordan may have emailed some people and mentioned the investigation in an effort to collect contact information that he could give to MG Fay. I don't know if there's more to it than that, but that's what I read in the media about that charge.

If that's what there is, I assume the defense strategy on sentencing will be to argue that even if a technical orders violation occurred, LTC Jordan wasn't trying to interfere with the investigation and that the sentence ought to be minimal if anything.

As I read the media accounts, it seems that the offending communications were emails that the government has, so it probably won't be in dispute exactly what got communicated.

Anonymous said...

I am not at all surprised at the verdict. The government case seems to have fallen apart.

Anonymous said...


Interesting that the trial judge would specifically refute published newspaper article (the Dana Milbank Washington Post article from last week). I don't think I've ever seen that happen before. For whatever it's worth, I know MAJ Pavlovcak (one of the prosecutors criticized in the article) and he's a good attorney. I also know the defense team quite well. I had heard something to the effect that they recommended Article 15 for this case.

Based on how things turned out in court, I am not surprised by the sentence.