Monday, August 06, 2007

NMCCA partially terminates its UA

Every Sunday, I used to read Dave Barry's column in the Washington Post Magazine. I miss those days. One thing Dave Barry often did was refer to some item that an "alert reader" had sent to him. While I'm no Dave Barry, I am happy to report that I have at least one alert reader. An alert reader sent an e-mail observing that there are no Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals decisions in volume 64 of the Military Justice Reporter. None.

That situation no doubt arises from the 15 NMCCA opinions over 2006 and early 2007 that initially didn't make it into the Military Justice Reporter, as we previously observed here.

Now I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that 13 of the 15 missing opinions have now been published in volume 65 of the Military Justice Reporter. The bad news is that one -- United States v. Gonzalez, No. NMCCA 200400055 (N-M. Ct. Crim. App. Aug. 10, 2006)-- transmogrified from a published opinion into a not reported opinion on WESTLAW and another -- United States v. Quinn-Monreal, No. NMCCA 200401632 (N-M. Ct. Crim. App. Aug. 9, 2006), is still completely UA. Has enough time passed that we should declare it a deserter?


Anonymous said...

I wish the Clipper could read comments from the mountains of Afghanistan, but alas this military justice blog appears to be blocked by . . P military computer servers. There was an name for cases that say around for over a year, but I can't remember how they were referred to by the appellate defense types. Can someone raise the Clipper?

Dwight Sullivan said...

Through the magic of e-mail, I have already been able to track down the Kabul Klipper. He tells me that they were called, drumroll please, "old dogs."