Friday, August 31, 2007

It's alive!

As countless mad scientists have exclaimed in countless horror flicks: "It's alive!" (That reminds me; I must buy tickets to the Young Frankenstein musical on Broadway.)

Yes, I learned today that the Air Force Law Review is still alive (thanks, Fitz!). In fact, I actually held a hard copy of volume 59, the 2007 edition, in my own two hands. Here's what's in it:

Religion in the Military: Navigating the Channel Between the Religion Clauses

The Interception of Civil Aircraft Over the High Seas in the Global War on Terror

Official Time as a Form of Union Security in Federal Sector Labor-Management Relations [I haven't the foggiest idea what that means]

More Effective Federal Procurement Response to Disasters: Maximizing the Extraordinary Flexibilities of IDIQ Contracting

Reemployment Rights for the Guard and Reserve: Will Civilian Employers Pay the Price for National Defense?

And while the Air Force JAG School's link to Air Force Law Review issues is inoperative, through a massive effort of trial and error while drafting a snarky e-mail, I stumbled across a web page with links to volumes 38-59 of the Air Force Law Review. Enjoy!

(Now if only the Air Force JAG School would link that page ot its Air Force Law Review page . . . .)


Anonymous said...

Modest Proposal 2.0

Isn't it time to consolidate the law reviews?

Anonymous said...

And the jag schools, too.