Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shining a spotlight on the SJA

We previoulsy noted what appears to be a new trend in NMCCA cases: naming the SJA who issued the SJAR. The most recent issue of JAGMAG (see below) shines more light on this practice.

The esteemed CAPT Reismeier, the head of Code 20, explains that the Judge Advocate General of the Navy "requested that the Chief Judge of NMCCA specifically include the name of the cognizant SJA in the title of each case the court reviews, just as the Court lists the military judge, appellate counsel, and convening authority. Effective June 12, 2007, the Chief Judge adopted this new procedure." CAPT Christian Reismeier, SJA’S Beware: Errors In Courts Martial Post-trial Processing, JAG Magazine, May/June 2007, at 10. Sure enough, the practice ssems to have caught on. 9 of the 10 latest opinions on NMCCA's public web site include the name of the SJA following the military justice's name immediately under the case's caption.

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Anonymous said...

They've done this in the Army Courts for years. Despite the bad press some SJAs get as a result, it hasn't stopped them from being promoted. Two of the most criticized O5 SJAs are now O6 and, if rumors are right, on the short list for the next O7 vacancy.