Thursday, August 23, 2007

For your reading pleasure

1. Here is a link to LtGen Mattis's letter dismissing charges in United States v. Sharratt that we discussed here.

2. Here is a link to the News Media & the Law article about the NIMJ docket project that we discussed here.

3. Here is a link to Dana Milbank's account of yesterday's proceedings in the United States v. Jordan court-martial at Fort Meade.

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Mike "No Man" Navarre said...

I thought there were some cheap shots at the government counsel in the article, but I think those were mainly hard to avoid if the case is unraveling the way it appears to be (as noted in other media outlets). There was one cheap shot that just seemed uncalled for from a serious journalist, "'They were placed in a naked pyramid, humiliated' in 'sexual positions,' he said in a courtroom decorated in the style of a budget hotel, with portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on the wall." Come on, does the courtroom decor really matter?