Saturday, August 04, 2007

April fools!

This week, the April issue of the Army Lawyer was placed on the TJAGLCS web site.

Two articles -- both by Army trial judiciary judges -- will be of interest to military justice practitioners. The first is Keys to a Successful Direct Examination, by LTC Robert M. Twiss of the 4th Judicial Circuit at Fort Lewis, Washington. Army Law., April 2007, at 28. As the article's name suggests, it's a how-to trial advocacy guide to direct examinations -- and a relatively detailed guide, weighing in at 14 pages.

The second is a brief look at sentencing evidence of rehabilitative/retention potential by LTC Roger E. Neil of the 2nd Judicial Circuit at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Rehabilitative Potential and Retention Evidence, Army Law., April 2007, at 42. The article offers an evidentiary foundation for introducing information of rehabilitative/retention potential.

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