Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Military legal publications

The Navy JAG Corps now publishes a bi-monthly periodical called JAG Magazine -- which in naval nomenclature is no doubt abbreviated as JAGMAG. The first three issues are available here and the current issue is available here. The Navy JAG Corps' web page has also been redesigned.

While we are talking about military legal publications, can anyone tell us whether the Air Force JAG School still put out the Air Force Law Review? I can't find an issue on line more recent than 2005.


John O'Connor said...

I sure hope the Air Foce Law Review is still in existence. Over the years, I've cited a number of articles from that law review. It always struck me as a high quality law review.

Dwight Sullivan said...

It has also run at least one hack job: Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Essex & Major Leslea Tate Pickle, A Reply to the Report of the Commission on the 50th Anniversary of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (May 2001): “the Cox Commission”, 52 A.F.L. REV. 233 (2002).

I explore one troubling deficiency in that article at 189 Mil. L. Rev. 1, 48 n.214.