Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two new cert petitions

The estimable LT Brian Mizer has filed two new cert petitions. One is Muhammad v. United States, No. 06-1529, which is the last in the outbreak of anthrax cert petitions. The other is Fuhrman v. United States, No. 06-1538, which presents a facial challenge to Military Rule of Evidence 505. I believe that Muhammad and Fuhrman are the fourth and fifth cases in which LT Mizer has been counsel of record in a cert petition. That means that during his almost-completed tenure at Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense, LT Mizer has personally been counsel of record in . . . just a second, let me do the math here . . . five more cert petitions than every counsel at Army DAD combined.


Jason Grover said...

I suspect you might be shortchanging LT Mizer. He filed:

Rose, No. 06-771
Disney, No. 05-814
Fischer, No. 05-881
Strother, No. 04-1622

And he may have been involved in the big post-trial delay one this fall or another I missed.

Dwight Sullivan said...

Uhm, Super Muppet, YOU are listed as the counsel of record in Disney. The other three cases you identified, along with the two new ones, are the cases for which the Supreme Court's web site lists LT Mizer as counsel of record.