Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer reading list

If you have already compiled your summer reading list, I've got another title for you to add: In the Common Defense: National Security Law for Perilous Times, by Judge Baker. It is available through for $30. Here is's book description:
The threat of terrorism places U.S. national security police at the crossroads of security and liberty. This book focuses on the legal issues surrounding the war on terror. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants an honest review of the law and an accessible understanding of how law relates to U.S. national security. This is also a book about national security government and why it is dependent on good process and the moral integrity of those who wield its power. This is at heart a book about the process and practice of government and what we should mean when we refer to "good government."

That's a topic that interests most of us. For those of you who practice before CAAF, the book will no doubt also offer insights concerning 1/5 of your target audience's jurisprudence.

What other military justice/military law/national security titles are on your summer reading list?

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