Saturday, May 12, 2007

Schweitzer addendum

It occurred to me this morning that CAAFlog may have as many as four readers who aren't Marine Corps or Navy judge advocates who might not immediately recognize the Schweitzer case. (We seem to have lost Army Lurker.)

Schweitzer was one of the military justice cases that arose out of the 1998 aviation accident in which a Marine Corps Prowler flying out of Aviano cut a gondola cable, resulting in 20 civilian deaths near Cavalese, Italy. Capt Schweitzer was an electronic courter measures officer on board the plane. Capt Scweitzer pled guilty to conduct unbecoming an officer and obstruction of justice for impeding the Italian government's investigation of the mishap by removing a videotape from the cockpit that had recorded the flight and ultimately burning it. A panel of officer members sentenced him to a dismissal.

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