Saturday, May 05, 2007

Coast Guard Court continues to be anti-social

I still can't access the Coast Guard Court's opinions due to my lack of user name and password. I also can't understand why the Coast Guard Court would want to restrict public access to its decisions.

It looks like I'll have to hire a teenaged kid of one of my neighbors to hack in so I can see if the Coast Guard Court has been creating any stealth case law lately.


Anonymous said...

Allege it is part of a conspiracy to hid what is happening in the DHS, call the New York TImes, and watch this be open source by lunchtime.

egn said...

Reading this comment caused me some amount of confusion, when I realized that CAAFlog has the same initials as the Dept of Homeland Security.

This is undoubtedly a conspiracy. I'll call the NYT right away.