Friday, May 18, 2007

CCA Update

The Coast Guard Court has issued a new published opinion. United States v. Bridges, __ M.J. ___, Docket No. 1233 (C.G. Ct. Crim App. May 18, 2007). I'm going to the Nats-Os game tonight, so Guert, the floor is yours for the next several hours.

Also, NMCCA has provided a rare intra-month update of its opinions on its web site. Here's a serious idea. I understand from earlier commentary on the blog that the Air Force maintains the Coast Guard Court's web site. Is there any chance that the Navy-Marine Corps Court could enter into a similar arrangement with the Air Force web master so that Navy-Marine Corps Court opinions could be posted the same day, like today's CGCCA opinion in Bridges is?

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John O'Connor said...

I wonder why the MJ didn't follow SOP here for judge-alone sentencing cases: sustain all defense objections, overrule all government objections (thereby insulating the record) and then consider everything in fixing a sentence anyway.