Sunday, January 13, 2008

Martinez court-martial continues

We previously noted the pending writ appeal generated by the capital court-martial of United States v. Martinez. Martinez v. Henley, __ M.J. ___, Misc. No. 08-8002/AR (C.A.A.F. Nov. 14, 2007). That writ appeal appears to remain pending, but proceedings are continuing at the court-martial level. The Fayette Observer reports that on Thursday, the military judge agreed to sever charges in the case. Allegations that Staff Sergeant Martinez stole office equipment and possessed firearms and explosives will be tried at a separate court-martial.

Staff Sergeant Martinez's capital court-martial on charges that he killed two Army officers outside Tikrit, Iraq, in the summer of 2005 is scheduled to start on 23 June 2008.

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