Thursday, January 03, 2008

C'ville periodicals

New issues of the Army Lawyer and the Military Law Review are online.

The October issue of the Army Lawyer includes two articles that will interest military justice wonks. LTC Timothy MacDonnell offers a thorough primer on post-trial processing of court-martial cases. LTC Timothy C. MacDonnell, Tending the Garden: A Post-Trial Primer for Chiefs of Criminal Law, Army Law., Oct. 2007, at 1. LTC Huestis provides trial advocacy tips on cross-examination. LTC Bradley J. Huestis, Cross-Examination by the Numbers, Army Law., Oct. 2007, at 76.

The Fall 2007 issue of the Military Law Review also contains two articles that will interest military justice wonks. Senior Judge Gierke offers a look back and a look forward at the military justice system, reviewing developments in the system since he was a military judge in Vietnam and discussing future innovations. H.F. "Sparky" Gierke, The Thirty-Fifth Kenneth J. Hodson Lecture on Criminal Law, 193 Mil. L. Rev. 178 (2007). The second is an article by MAJ Kageleiry that "examines the modern psychological interrogation process that too often produces inaccurate, misleading, and even false admissions and confessions." MAJ Peter Kageleiry, Jr., Psychological Interrogation Methods: Pseudoscience in the Interrogation Room Obscures Justice in the Courtroom, 193 Mil. L. Rev. 1 (2007).

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