Thursday, January 17, 2008

Call for submissions to Journal of Military and Veterans Law

We received a very nice e-mail from the editors at the Journal of Military and Veterans Law asking us to pass along their call for submissions. Since half of their authors constitutes half of our readers (i.e., JO'C), we are happy to do so.

The William & Mary Military Law Society is now accepting submissions for the 2008 issue of its online publication, the Journal of Military and Veteran Law. The Journal's current incarnation is the result of the entirely voluntary efforts of a small group of students committed to reviving the only civilian publication dedicated to military law and related issues.

The Journal is accepting articles and essays of any length in the areas of national security, military, and veteran law. Submissions should be sent to with the subject line "JMVL Submission." Additional information about the Journal, including past issues, is available at

Frequent CAAFlog commentator John O'Connor published this fine article in the Journal. The Journal also published an earlier piece.


John O'Connor said...

Let me add a few words about the JMVL. I enjoyed my experience publishing with them. Their editors were responsive and responsible. Also, because JMVL is an on-line journal, it can publish articles one at a time, so your article is not waiting on anybody else's. I also think we all have an interest in the success of a student-edited journal devoted to military law issues. There are a number of military law issues (such as construction of CA actions in the case of my article) that are important in the context of the military justice system, but lack the broad-based appeal that is likely to attract interest from general interest journals. The more options available for pure MJ articles, the better for us all.

Gene Fidell said...

John's right. More broadly, it's excellent that the students at William & Mary have kept at it with their society. I believe there are similar groups at other law schools, and there will be more as veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan return and decide to study law. With time, perhaps we can look forward to the creation of a consortium of these societies.