Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bye, bye, bovine

This post pushes the Columbus Clipper's cow off of CAAFlog's main page. Your move, Marcus.


Marcus Fulton said...

That's not nice. If this page comes up in Dari when I'm in Kabul, I'll only be able to blog through pictures.

By the way, I think we should add the Golden CAAF (it's not just some cow) to the CAAFlog gear, which, I'm sure, is coming soon in light of the comments you are about to get in favor of such gear. I'm in for a coffee cup and embroidered sweatshirt.

egn said...

The Golden CAAF wouldn't be much of a trophy if you could just buy it like you do a T-shirt or coffee cup.

But then again, it's not looking good for anyone actually ever winning the award, is it?

John O'Connor said...

So, to win the Golden Calf, does an appellate defense counsel need to actually win in the Supreme Court, or is it enough to get cert granted when the Court wants to take the case so that it can make the law even more government-friendly?

E.g., would the boys behind the Weiss petition have gotten the award when the Supremes took the case for the apparent purpose of erecting an impossible due process standard for military affairs?

Marcus Fulton said...

I suppose one could decide (at least in one's own mind) which case was most cert-worthy even if no petitions are granted. For that matter, we could have as many categories as we wanted: Best Oral Argument by a Defense Counsel, Best Oral Argument by a Government Counsel, Best Dissenting Opinion, etc. At least until we got sued by some Dutch film academy.