Friday, February 09, 2007

Appellate post delay

ACCA continues its salutary practice of posting its opinions on the web on the same day they are issued. A batch of three new unpublished cases were posted today. The Air Force Court seems to have reverted from daily posting to weekly posting. While daily is preferable, weekly seems reasonable to me. I'm not sure what's happened to the normally prompt Coast Guard Court web site. The published Gormley and Lind decisions, which CGCCA issued on 31 January and which are discussed on CAAFlog here and here, still aren't on the CGCCA web site.

And then there's the Navy-Marine Corps Court. The Court's web site on has no opinions from 2007, even though the court issued two published opinions (Harris and Samuels) on 24 January 2007. (In Samuels, NMCCA dismisses a charge due to a speedy trial violation. In Harris, NMCCA rejects a number of allegations of error including unlawful witness intimidation and a confrontation challenge to a urinalysis lab report. I'll try to get analyses of both decisions up on this site by Sunday night. Another exciting weekend at Chez Sullivan!)

How can we convince the Navy-Marine Corps Court to post its decisions more quickly? How about appealing to interservice rivalry? NMCCA, are you really going to let the ARMY Court best you like this? Are there any Naval Academy alumni on NMCCA? Is the Navy JAG Corps' slogan still "A Better Practice"? That moniker appears to belong to ACCA at the moment.

But there is at least one part of the Army that the Navy-Marine Corps Court is beating. The last Army Lawyer posted on the TJAGLCS web site is from September 2006. Here's a serious question for our Army Lurker friend: has the JAG School stopped publishing the Army Lawyer?

(By the way, we are very happy to have Army Lurker and Fitzcarraldo as readers and occasional commentators. Are there ANY other non-sea service readers out there?)


Nancy Truax said...

As I understand it, the AF web servers that host the CG web sites are down for maintenance and won't be up until some time next week, so although the web sites can be viewed, they can't be posted to.

Anonymous said...

At lest a few of us are non-sea service lurkers.

I am with the California State Military Reserve, California's State Defense Force, which currently has more serving JAG officers then the California National Guard.

Fitzcarraldo said...

Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy having the opportunity to experience the military justice discussion. Not to mention the Roxy Music allusions.