Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wuterich Reconsideration Denied

Today's Chock Full O' News CAAF Daily Journal also posted the denial of reconsideration in the Wuterich cases, previously covered here. For those just joining us, Wuterich is the last remaining Haditha case, see here and here. This appeal involved an interlocutory government appeal of an MJ's decision quashing a government subpoena for statements made by the accused during a 60 Minutes interview. CAAF, after finding jurisdiction to review the government Art. 62 appeal, reversed the military judge and ordered an in camera review of the news footage. CAAF reserved judgment on the news gatherer privilege.

Disclaimer: Our fearless leader was counsel for SSgt Wuterich.

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Anonymous said...

LtCol Chessani's case is still ongoing. Thus, there are two remaining Haditha cases.