Sunday, December 21, 2008

Golden CAAF update

My sources tell me that the Appellate Government Division received the Golden CAAF. But I have not heard to whom it was awarded. Where does the idol rest? Give us updates and pictures. In the Middle Ages, its resting place might spark a pilgrimage site and the development of a town.


Anonymous said...

It appears that the "wise ones" are befuddled by the appearance of the Golden CAAF. Is it a sign? An omen? Or a curse?

"Does it have anything to do with Stonehedge?" mused one.

"Is it a CAAF or a steer?" wondered another?

"Be careful. It may be bugged - a modern Trojan CAAF" warned the leader as he locked it in their safe.

Dwight Sullivan said...

Yeah, right. What useful information would an adversary learn by bugging Code 46? Perhaps drill-like repetition of: "(1) It was waived. (2) If it wasn't waived, it wasn't error. (3) If it was error, it was harmless. (4) Even if you set aside the findings, apply Sales and Peoples and affirm the sentence anyway."

Anonymous said...

Since when does CAAF or a CCA embrace waiver? Plus, we start with "It wasn't error but if it was it was waived..."

Dwight Sullivan said...

2003 Anon, thanks for the correction. I hope I didn't offend by misordering Code 46's ritualistic incantation.