Monday, December 15, 2008

Argument dates

Yesterday, CAAF's web site showed oral argument sittings scheduled for 9, 10, and 11 February, but with no cases plugged into any of those dates. (As we noted on Friday, though, two cases had been scheduled for 10 February, but they weren't yet listed on CAAF's web site.) Earlier today, CAAF's web site was modified to drop the 9 and 11 February sittings and insert the Riddle and Ranney arguments on 10 February. But still later today, the 9 February sitting returned to the calendar, though still with no arguments plugged in. CAAF's schedule also reflects a 13 January oral argument sitting, but no cases are plugged into that date either.

I believe there are currently four granted cases that have yet to be scheduled for oral argument: United States v. Miller, No. 08-0580/AR (granted 9 Oct); United States v. Thomas, No. 08-0738/NA (granted 6 Nov); United States v. Gardinier, No. 06-0591/AR (granted 6 Nov); and United States v. Paige, No. 08-0805/MC (granted 9 Dec). And there are currently four scheduled argument sittings in January and February (13 Jan, 9 Feb, 25 Feb, and 26 Feb) with no cases yet docketed for argument.

It appears that those will be the only four cases to distribute among the four empty January and February sittings; if CAAF were to grant review of a case tomorrow and counsel were to file their briefs on the last day permitted under CAAF's rules, then the reply brief wouldn't be filed until 27 February.

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