Friday, December 05, 2008

Access to CAAFlog

I hear scuttlebutt that the Marine Corps is moving to limit access to blogs on its computers. Unless the Marine Corps has decoupled its computer system from the Navy's, I assume that this means that Navy computers will be similarly limited.

Can our tech savvy contributors or readers tell us if there is a workaround in case this does, indeed, happen? Could an RSS feed (if that's the right term) provide a way to access material on CAAFlog even if a computer's browser refuses to go to If so, can anyone provide guidance on how to set that up? Are there other solutions?


Anonymous said...

Too much truth telling going on in My Beloved Corps!

Right about 1980 Marine senior field grades figured out they had a real chance of general rank once all the joint and command billets were open to them. It has been all down hill since then.

WFaulkner said...

I use Google Reader to read CAAFLog. I don't know that Navy/Marine Corps systems will allow a reader to access blogs if the user can't access the blog directly.

But if it will, just add "" to your Google or other RSS reader.

Bradley Parker said...

Google reader is the best option. Since it's a Google application, and since our modern military can't operate without Google, it's unlikely that Google Reader will get blocked. Just add all the blogs you read and Google will marshal all of the updates into a single place.

Anonymous said...

The Navy still allows me to access CAAFlog, but is blocking access to attachments (when you host briefs, for example).