Saturday, February 02, 2008

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter

Happy Groundhog Day (the official holiday of the Navy-Marine Corps Appellate Defense Division) to Code 45 alumni wherever you may be.


Christopher Mathews said...

Six more weeks?

Dear God, that means that winter won't end until ... let's see ... six weeks equals 42 days ... 27 more days in February ... that leaves 15 ... winter won't end until March 15!

Which is six days earlier than normal.

Thanks, Phil!

Anonymous said...

I never known exactly what the association has been between Groundhog Day and Code 45.

A pack of rodents emerging from their dark nests only occasionally to see the light of day and catch a glimpse of what's going on in the real world?

Or, does it hearken back to the day's origin as Candlemas, a feast of purification and illumination?

But, then, I never really understood the shrine to Elvis either.

In fact, between the shadows and the black velvet, maybe I'd prefer not to know -- but I bet Dan Brown could concoct something thrilling out of it.


Anonymous said...

According to the official Groundhog Rules of Appellate Procedure, because 15 March falls on a Saturday, winter will actually end on March 17. But did you really need a reason for an additional pint of green beer?

Dwight Sullivan said...

Sierra Delta,

I can only assume that you are joshing. I'm pretty sure that I've put the clues together and know who you are. If I'm right, then surely you know the origin of such venerable Code 45 customs and traditions.

Groundhog Day is the official Code 45 holiday due to the movie by the same name starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell (who quite possibly has less acting ability than any other woman ever paid to appear in a major motion picture studio's film). But that movie resonated with Code 45ers not due to the poor acting, but because it depicts a life in which every day is the same.

The Elvis Shrine arose in homage to Chuy's, the Tex-Mex restaurant owned by the brother of Code 45 Division Director Emeritus Tim Young. It picked up steam when Major General Bill Suter (a.k.a., the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court) personally donated to the shrine a copy of an actual picture of him as a young Army officer standing in Germany with a young soldier named Elvis Aaron Presley. And the rest is history.

Phil Cave said...

And leg day!

Anonymous said...

You guys needed the booze to wrap up your 4 hour workday...