Thursday, February 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

In the same week that the November 2007 Army Lawyer went up online, the December issue went up as well. Here's a link.

And here's a link to the lead article, which will no doubt fascinate any regular CAAFlog readers, who seem to relish nothing more than debating about post-trial review: Major John A. Hamner, The Rise and Fall of Post-Trial—Is It Time for the Legislature to Give Us All Some Clemency?, Army Law., Dec. 2007, at 1. The article provides more valuable data concerning how often convening authorities actually award clemency.

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Anonymous said...

I like today's Washington Post better. There is a rogue Navy LT by the name of "Brian Mizer" who used to be OBL's driver before law school and now plans on calling the prior chief of the prosecution team for the military commissions - and also may try to disqualify a person by the name of "Susan Crawford." That name rings a bell. Crawford. Crawford. Funny. I'll think of it...

BTW - doesn't Morris owe his prior client lifelong confidentiality / work-product privilege? In fact, as I remember a Clinton spinoff case, the privilege and duty survives even the death of the client (even if the United States were to die!) What's up with Morris? Is he planning to run for office. (I'm just kidding. He has probably shown a lot of integrity)