Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy anniversary

The appeal of the capital court-martial of United States v. Walker was argued at the Navy-Marine Corps Court one year ago today. NMCCA has yet to issue an opinion.

[DISCLAIMER: I served as one of LCpl Walker's appellate defense counsel in 2003.]


Christopher Mathews said...

It took the Air Force court more than a year to decide Adcock after that case was submitted on its merits. Of course, the court specified an issue, wrote a 2-1 panel decision, went en banc, and then issued a 5-4 decision, so it's not like there was nothing going on in the meantime ... but none of that would have been apparent to an outside observer.

It's possible the Navy-Marine Corps court is doing some behind-the-scenes heavy lifting in Walker. I'd sure rather believe that than believe it's just languishing.

Anonymous said...

The Army CCA would just issue a one line affirmance and move it off the rolls.