Friday, February 22, 2008

Is the table set?

CAAF has scheduled two oral arguments for 29 April. These may be the last cases to be argued this Term. If so, CAAF will hear a total of 65 cases during its FY 08 Term.

My treasured colleague Tim "Luke Duke" Cox observed the other day that CAAF has heard oral argument in 50 cases thus far and issued opinions in 19.

Of the 65 cases scheduled to be heard this Term, 26 are appeals from the Navy-Marine Corps Court (including 1 writ appeal). 19 are appeals from ACCA, and one additional case is a certified review of an ACCA decision. 11 are appeals of AFCCA opinions, and another 4 are certified reviews of AFCCA opinions. 4 are appeals of CGCCA opinions.

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Anonymous said...

Generally, this would seem to put NMCCA and the Coast Guard Court under the most scrutiny, relative to volume. While CAAF seems to trust the decisions of the Air Force Court.

But, who knows how to calculate all the variables? It may not be stinky decisions. It could be that Marines are so tough they criminalize everything. It could be that Navy people are just weirder and commit more bizarre crimes, creating unique issues. It could be that the Navy-Marine Corps appellate defense division simply raises the most issues and thus gets the most grants. But I still like the stinky decision theory.