Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's do the term warp again!

As Sacramentum notes in a recent post on his/her blog, CAAF's daily journal has announced a shift in the CAAF term. Starting in 2008, the CAAF term will run 1 September through 31 August rather than 1 October through 30 September. Order in re Term of Court, __ M.J. ___ (C.A.A.F. June 21, 2007). Does anyone know why?


Anonymous said...

My top ten list of suggested reasons: (1) CAAF ensures newly assigned appellate defense counsel have less time to prepare for oral argument; (2) CAAF puts a curly asterix in all of Col Sullivan's future statistical studies; (3) CAAF starts oral argument on the first Monday in September - Labor Day; (4) Because CAAF can - let precedent and unforeseen consequences be damned - compare US v. Campbell, 50 MJ 154 (1999) with US v. Green, 55 MJ 76 (2001); (5) Tired of the Fiscal Year and the Calendar Year - let's try the CAAF Year; (6) Why confuse practitioners in just opinions - why not extend the confusion to docket entries; (7) Surf's up - starting earlier means an earlier summer vacation; (8) Soldiers fight 24-7; CAAF is 9-5, with summers off; (9) Are we an Article III court yet?; (10) Best part time job in Washington.

egn said...

So the musical references have gone from Roxy Music to Rocky Horror. What'll be next, Rock 'n' Roll High School?