Wednesday, June 27, 2007

JAA web site is UA

Please go to CAAF's "other web sites" link on its home page. Now go down to "Miscellaneous" and click on the Judge Advocates Association link. You will get a web page with the title: "jaa homes for sale apartments at" If you go to the bottom of the page and click on "Why AM I Seeing This Web Site?", an Outlook e-mail will open with the title, "Inquiring about the domain, with status: Expired." What the heck has happened to the JAA web site?


Anonymous said...

It has been that way for at least 2 weeks. The funny thing is that the site still comes up in a Google search as having the real content. Then you click on the search result and get homes for sale. I am guessing CAAFlog and I did the same thing, clicked on the link 10 times because I thought I was imagining things. Just a tip for at work internet users, such a tactic is probably disfavored by your network administrator. Someone forget to pay their electric bill?

Unknown said...

I'm investigating the UA JAA website now. I'll post an update when I discover what the problem is.

John O'Connor said...

They never should have made Disco Steve Stewart an officer of the JAA. I'm sure this is all his fault.