Sunday, June 24, 2007

Guest commentator John Economidy on U.S. v. Sanchez

Chief Judge Effron correctly assessed the situation about San Antonio's Dr. Nancy Kellogg's "expert" testimony in U.S. v. Sanchez.

Her typical testimony is that she confirms child sexual abuse in a normal examination because the child said she was abused. This type of testimony has repeatedly been held inadmissible.

* United States v. Charley, 176 F.3d 1265 (10th Cir. 1999).
* Salinas v. State, 166 S.W.3d 368, 371 (Tex. App.—Fort Worth 2005).

San Antonio civilian criminal defense attorneys have assembled substantial files and transcripts on Dr. Kellogg, and JAGs facing her in a GCM should seek those files.

John Economidy
San Antonio, Texas

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