Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Cossio watch keeps ticking

On 1 June, the SG waived the United States' right to respond in Cossio, No. 06-1568, which we previous discussed here. As umkemesic notes in a comment to that prevous post, Cossio's cert petition is now set for conference on 21 June 2007. Unless at leat one justice asks the SG to file a submission, the case will be denied at that conference. Banker, No. 06-1544, which we previously discussed here, has also been docketed for the 21 June conference.

The SG has also waived the United States' right to respond in Fuhrman, No. 06-1538, and Muhammad, No. 06-1529, both of which we previously discussed here. Both are now set for conference this coming Thursday, 14 June.


Cossio said...

As expected, The Supreme Court has denied Certiorari in US v. Cossio.

The new order list is here:

Oh well, it's off to the stockcade with me again :(.

Well, it shouldn't be so bad, the conditions at Eglin Confinement Facility are usually nice this time of year. I mean, once you get over the gaurds yelling and screaming at you for no reason, the silly rules and regulations in place in order to "rehibilitate you", and the basic training atmosphere, one can find it a rather enjoyable place.

Cossio said...

It may be a bit narcissistic for me to do so, but I would like to point out something, a new appeal on the original US v. Cossio, you can view the brief in my newly created blog:

Link to:

You may copy and past my post, or any part of it, as well as the link to the brief on CAAFlog as I am not a contributer here.

Please note that I trimmed down the appendix section that just contained the relevant caselaw and other misc. records to save space on a pdf file.