Friday, November 03, 2006

McKeel McDenied?

The Supreme Court's web site tells us that McKeel went to conference today. It doesn't tell us what happened. But it's pretty easy to guess. SCOTUSblog, a.k.a., The World's Greatest Web Log, tells us that the Supremes granted cert in just two cases today. Neither of them was McKeel. Rather, the Court granted cert in two cases dealing with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines -- Claiborne v. United States (06-5618) and Rita v. United States (06-5754). The SCOTUSblog post is here:

This almost certainly means that the Supremes will announce on Monday that cert is denied in McKeel. Both the Colubmus Clipper and I will be in Charlottesville on Monday for the New Developments Course. (The Columbus Clipper will be listening to me lecture -- unless he's UA.) So I encourage someone to check out the Court's order on Monday and post McKeel's fate here on CAAFlog.

--Dwight Sullivan

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M. T. Hall said...

McKeel was indeed denied, per order 6 Nov 06.