Tuesday, November 28, 2006

CAAFlog on the road

I'm going to be on the road for most of this week. I probably won't have a chance to update CAAFlog, but I hope that the No Man, the Columbus Clipper, the Super Muppet of Appellate Advocacy, and Guert will fill the void.

My first stop is Chicago, where I plan to visit the ABA's Museum of Law. It isn't exactly germane to CAAFlog's mission, but I'll probably post a review of the museum nevertheless. While I'm in Chicago, I also hope to take a sidetrip to Oak Park to visit Ernest Hemingway's birthplace. That may inspire me to write my Museum of Law blog entry in a "terse style using King James biblical cadences with an awful lot of and's and very few commas in . . . rhythmic sentences," as one commentator has described Papa's writing style. But probably not. This weekend I'll be in Philly for the Army-Navy game. Go Navy! Beat Army!

--Dwight Sullivan

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