Monday, November 20, 2006

Interesting indication of interest from the Supremes

I have previously written about Christian, the pro se IFP cert petition at the Supremes. ("The Supreme Court October 2006 term's military justice docket," 30 )ct 06). The issues before CAAF involved the effective date of life without eligibility for parole and an ineffective assistance of counsel claim arising from the defense counsel's failure to seek credit for pretrial punishment. The case had originally been scheduled to go to conference tomorrow, but the Court asked the Solicitor General to file a response. That response is due 18 December. We'll look at it once it is filed.

--Dwight Sullivan

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Dwight Sullivan said...

SCOTUSblog provides the following statistics, which are both surprising and potentially relevant to Christian:

The Court has granted 18 cases (3 of these are sets of two connsolidated petitions). Of these:
-4 have been pauper cases . . . (note that so far 22.2% of grants have been from pauper cases).

Tue Nov 21, 11:05:16 AM EST