Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lack of service at the CAAFeteria

The CAAF web site and the Air Force Court web site are still down. There are no new published opinions on the NMCCA, ACCA or CGCCA web sites. I have it on good authority that the problem with CAAF's web server is with its host at Maxwell Air Force Base. (As Phile Cave previously observed, the Air Force Court probably uses the same server, explaining why they are both down.) No estimate is available for when the problem might be fixed.

President Bush did his part to fill the void yesterday with his nomination of two new CAAF judges -- but there won't be another vacancy for about five years, so we can't count on the President as a continuing source of material. If any Navy-Marine Corps, Army, or Coast Guard CCA judges are reading this, please, please post a published opinion on your web site so I'll have something to write about.

--Dwight Sullivan


Phil Cave said...

I think what the Navy is doing, similar to AFCCA, and possibly similar to ACCA, is to update monthly. So, what I've seen is a monthly update about the 3-5th date on the month.

Did you have a link for the nominations?

Dwight Sullivan said...

Here's the link: