Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Paducah double booking continued

Please be sure to check out the comments to our previous post about the American Quilter's Society show disrupting the trial in United States v. Green, the federal capital case of the Mahmoudiya suspect who had been discharged. When I saw Bonnie B Quilter's entry, I naturally assumed that JO'C had a calendar malfunction and thought today was April Fool's Day. But, no, it seems that we have received a legitimate explanation from the Show Director of the upcoming Paducah quilt fest. Here is a link to her look at the quilt show/ murder trial scheduling conflict on her blog.

And Bonnie B, if you are still reading CAAFlog, thanks for the insight.


John O'Connor said...
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John O'Connor said...

That's great, treating me as the assumed enfant terrible of CAAFlog.