Monday, April 28, 2008

LTC Alan Dunavan (Ret.)

Army JAGCnet announces the passing of LTC Alan Dunavan (Ret.), the uniformed Command Judge Advocate for the USDB between 1999 and 2006. Alan most recently served as the Deputy Command Judge Advocate for the USDB when that position was created as a DA civilian position. If I've put the link in correctly above, you can read a more complete bio at the JAGCnet website, which also provides information on where to send condolences to his widow Janet. I can readily think of several occasions where Alan, arguably the "corporate memory" for confinement policies, provided information that helped me help my clients. Thanks for your service to your country, Alan, and God bless.


Nelson's Right Eye said...

Of course my effort to include a link failed but what do you expect from an old salt who can't even read signal flags correctly? I obviously need some PQS from CAAFlog on this. Here's the link:

No Man said...

PQS from CAAFlog on using the internet . . . I haven;t laughed that hard since that crazy Commodore suggested breaking another fleet's line to try to win a naval battle.