Friday, April 25, 2008

MilJus Roundup

My new Manual for Courts-Martial arrived. Sort of a maroonish, purple color . . . not surprising. The cool new fold out tabs eliminated my ritual tape flagging of my Manual, BZ to Gov't Printing Office.

Interesting article from my former colleague from NLSO DC, Tara Lee, on Art. 2, UCMJ and other topics, here.

Marine Corps announced today that the CG, 3d MarDiv referred charges in the alleged rape case that reignited issues with U.S. servicemen (not so much women) stationed in Japan, here.

An interesting round table on Art. 2, UCMJ, sponsored by the Amer. Constitution Society, was held at the Harvard Law School (I think) on April 18, reported here. Hopefully Gene Fidell or one of the other speakers will publish a paper out of the discussion.

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