Thursday, March 20, 2008

New issue of The Reporter published

The Winter 2007-2008 issue of The Reporter is available here. The issue includes three articles of interest to military justice practitioners. One is about trying civilian contractors. Brigadier General David G. Ehrhart, Closing the Gap: The Continuing Search for Accountability of Civilians Accompanying the Force, The Reporter, Winter 2007-2008, at 9. I'll let the No Man write about that one.

The second is a synopsis of the major changes included in the 21 December 2007 revision of AFI 51-201, which is the Air Force's equivalent of the JAGMAN or AR 27-10. Military Justice Pointers: Major Revisions to AFI 51-201, Administration of Military Justice, The Reporter, Winter 2007-2008, at 21.

Finally, Judges Hartsell and Watson, whose Air Force Law Review piece on charging "divers occasions" we recently noted, are back in the saddle again with their article, When Lies Have Value: The Admissibility of Uncharged False Exculpatory Statements in Pre-Sentencing, The Reporter, Winter 2007-2008, at 33. The article discusses how TCs can use an accused's lies during interrogation against the accused in sentencing and warns DCs about how to avoid opening the door to such uses.

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No Man said...

Thanks for the nod CAAFlog. After three weeks of travel far and wide . . . I fell asleep at 9 PM while we were putting the kids to bed. Other bloggers that have or had kids under 6--and day jobs--can probably understand. Anyway, expect a summary next week posted from either Dallas or New Orleans. And keep a lookout in the ABA publication The Procurement Lawyer, Spring edition for . . . because I am sure all our readers have a subscription.