Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The nature of blogging

This is from Jacob Rubin's The New Republic review of Sarah Boxer's Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web:

"One doesn't craft a blog, just as one doesn't plan to puke. One pukes. One blogs."

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Anonymous said...

Readers beware: this psychological piece contains a mild critique of the types of people who participate in blogs (like you and me). In short, we are losers.

But then again, as I was writing this, I was watching John McCain (...well, mostly Cindy McCain...but I was listening to John...) give an semi-coherent, unorganized, bumper-sticker, "my friends," stubling-bumbling victory speech, to be our new commander-in-chief. And the crowd responded like trained seals. (and not the Navy kind) So that's mainstream communication.

Even though some of the people on this blog are occassionally mean, its seldom over-the-top nasty; its mostly an uninhibited conversation. So blogs aren't so bad.