Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New issue of Military Law Review online

The Winter 2007 issue of the Military Law Review just showed up online here. It includes two articles that will interest military justice mavens:

Major Patrick D. Pflaum, A Matter of Discipline and Security: Prosecuting Serious Criminal Offenses Committed in U.S. Detention Facilities Abroad, 194 Mil. L. Rev. 66 (2007); and

Major Charles A. Kuhfahl Jr., "I Was Only Twelve--It Doesn't Count": Why Adolescent Sex Offenses Are Not Legally Relevant in Prosecutions of Adult Sex Offenders and Why Military Rules of Evidence 413 & 414 Should be Amended Accordingly, 194 Mil. L. Rev. 132 (2007).

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KG said...

The Naval Law Review is now viewable online and will be inthe future much thanks to LCDR Dave Lee for making this happen - http://www.jag.navy.mil/FieldOffices/NJSpublications.htm