Friday, September 14, 2007

Let's do the time warp again -- again

Having already announced a change in its terms of court, CAAF continues its conversion from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar by moving its Judicial Conference up a couple of months. CAAF's web page announces that the 2008 Judicial Conference will be 5-6 March, rather than in its usual month of May. The conference will once again be at Catholic University's Columbus School of Law.

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Kathleen said...

Perhaps this movement in scheduling is designed to avoid the scheduling "perfect storm" that occurs when the CAAF Judicial Conference conflicts with the annual JAA dinner, and then with the end of the Court term. It may also help in getting counsel to the FBA-sponsored "end of term" celebration that the Pentagon Chapter hopes to continue sponsoring at CAAF with the Court's invitation. It will be interesting to see if the shift in the Judicial Conference will contribute to wider interest and attendance at all events.