Friday, March 09, 2007

Optional AVA

I'm at the Navy Mobilization and Processing Center in Norfolk getting caught up on vaccinations before I go to Ft. Jackson and then to Afghanistan. As of today, the anthrax vaccine is still optional in the Navy but mandatory in the Army and Air Force. It's just a signature away from being mandatory in the Navy.

I decided to take the first dose. I figure if I'm going to a country in which the national sport involves a contest for a headless goat carcass, it couldn't hurt to have immunity even if you could rule out the risk of weaponized anthrax.


egn said...

As of 2 days ago, the vaccine is no longer optional for Navy personnel serving in the Central Command area of operations for more than 15 days.

You stayed 1 step ahead of the game. Have you found yourself craving some pasture lately?

Marcus Fulton said...

Right now I feel like the goat in the picture. But is has more to do with wearing body armor and a helmet all day. Can't wait to do it in the heat.