Monday, March 05, 2007

Lane joke

CAAF held a classy investiture ceremony for its two newest judges today.

Probably the biggest laugh of the day occurred during Brigadier General Edward F. Rodriguez, Jr.'s remarks about Judge Stucky. (BGen Rodriguez is the JAA President.) Senator Lindsey Graham was there to administer the oath of office to Judge Stucky. BGen Rodriguez was diplomatically mentioning each of the assembled VIPS, when he referred to "Senator and former Judge Graham." The audience, obviously well-versed in Lane, roared.

The most touching remarks of the day were delivered by Justice Thomas, who administered the oath of office to Judge Ryan. He mentioned that this was the first oath of office he has administered to make one of his former clerks a judge.

And the funniest line of the day oddly got little response from the audience. Judge Ryan referred to joining her four (all male) colleagues on the bench, and mentioned each by name. She then said, "For the record, I do not expect to feel lonely at all." This was an obvious reference to Justice Ginsburg's complaint that she feels lonely as the only woman left on the Supreme Court since Justice O'Connor's retirement. I roared with laughter. Professor Bo Rutledge, who was sitting two seats down from me, roared with laughter. Not many others roared with laughter. But I thought it was even better than the Lane joke.

In any event, congratulations to Judges Stucky and Ryan in the unlikely event that they read CAAFlog. Their appointment and confirmation to the CAAF bench is a favorable development for the military justice system. (Until very recently, I would have thought it silly to even think that an august judge might take the time to read our electronic ramblings. Of course, Chief Judge Wagner of the Navy-Marine Corps Court has since disabused me of that notion.)


Jason Grover said...

I am sure that any judges reading do it for the amusement. Either that or they are waiting for No Man to finally explain his Ring theory very slowly.

I am sorry I missed this event, much like the retirement of Chief Judges Gierke and Crawford. I couldn't get OJAG to fund the trip. By the way, have the new portraits (Gierke, Crawford, and Sullivan) been hung at CAAF yet?

John O'Connor said...


You probably remember that Judge Ryan suffered under your yoke in the August-October 1995 NJS class. Hopefully, she doesn't remember any of the military justice package.