Saturday, March 10, 2007

CAAF Downtime: Another BZ

While CAAF takes a break to get Judges Scott Stucky and Meg Ryan up to speed and out of their Hollywood lives, why not send out another BZ. CAAFlog has been full of them lately. This one goes out to an otherwise obscure Code in the Navy military justice system, Code 20. Though this month's installment of the Code 20 Newsmailer was not Jerry Seinfeld's greatest work, a few past installments have been worthy of Greenbag Almanac nominations. For those with NKO access, this week's installment is a tribute Van Halen (the band, Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang) and the rehab facility that now will host the band's latest tour.

Another interesting development is the new Navy JAG Corps Magazine hitting newstands . . . well probably nowhere but here The Jan/Feb 2007 issue has an interesting article by the head of Code 20 on the military justice career path. It seems to have worked for him. Others may want to check out page 8 of the magazine for a government friendly view of the Military Commissions Act.


CAAFlog said...

Sorry, but I'm not off trying to propagandize CAAF judges. Actually, at the moment I'm watching two Greater Kudus out of my window.

No Man said...
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No Man said...

For those itching for a sampling from Code 20's stand up outreach program, here is the 2006 holiday special edition newmailer (at least the first paragraph):

1. It’s a Festivus for the rest of us! Yes, you heard us, Festivus has officially begun. Get out your poles – not those pathetic steal ones, but the aluminum ones with the ideal strength to weight ratio – and let the celebration begin. At Code 20, we consider Festivus to be one of the most significant American holidays, and we are dedicated to scrupulously following is time-honored tradition. In this morning’s feat of strength, [Director, Code 20] arm-wrestled his 2 year old daughter, and to everyone’s surprise, he won! In the aftermath of his stunning win, [the Director] got a little carried away with the smack talk and we had to remind him that a victory over someone in diapers [editor’s note: she’s potty trained] is really no victory at all. And now for the airing of grievances … We resent the fact that our beloved boss insists that each newsmailer includes a comment on how our offices are not in the basement. We also resent having to start every newsmailer with a retraction. But here goes: it turns out that despite our earlier proclamation that “an elephant is faithful 100 percent” comes from Horton Hears a Who, our editorial staff has informed us that it was not, in fact, from Horton Hears a Who. OK, the correction did not originate from our editorial staff. It originated from one of our “well-read” colleagues in Appellate Government who took time out from reading enlargement requests from Appellate Defense to point out that despite our reference in a previous e-mail to the literary work of Theodor Seuss Geisel, the quote is actually from Horton Hatches the Egg. Great. Our credibility is now trashed with the Dr. Seuss crowd. We’re guessing Appellate Defense isn’t so happy with us now either. Come on guys, just kidding. Really.