Thursday, March 08, 2007

A miljus doppio

The December issue of the Army Lawyer appeared on the TJAGLCS web site today. It seems like just yesterday that the November issue was posted. Wait a second -- that did happen just yesterday.

For us military justice wonks, looking at yesterday's issue was a bit like showing up at a Starbucks only to find it had closed and been replaced by an H&R Block. We didn't get our caffeine jolt. But by today we were able to walk to the Starbucks on the next block. And there the barista served us with a miljus doppio. (I saw Jerry Seinfeld doing standup at the Kennedy Center a couple of years ago. One of the early jokes in his show was, "You people in Washington are so hooked on caffeine, you stop for coffee on your way to Starbucks.")

The December issue features both a piece on pretrial punishment and a military judge's take on aggravating evidence in sentencing cases.

But just wait for the next Military Law Review to hit the street with my veritable quad shot on the military death penalty system. That'll have you buzzing.

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Nathan Jessup said...

Your post is like the 6 o'clock news anchor previewing news that will be delivered in 10 minutes. Maybe CAAFlog can sell ad space for an Army Lawyer trailer on the January issue . . . To be released in March.