Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New published CGCCA opinion

The Coast Guard Court issued a published opinion today. (Note to other CCAs: it's already up on the CGCCA web site.) Here's a link. We will post an analysis after the Maryland-Miami basketball game.

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Phil Cave said...

An interesting result. For the fairly minor (compared to the Navy-Marine Corps, and some of the other Service cases), the Moreno relief is an approved RIR to E2 instead of E1. There is a financial benefit because his family gets a few more dollars than expected while in confinement it seems. To me this seems a reasonable approach in this case. It shows that there need not be doom and gloom consequences to a Moreno violation, and that a reasonable approach is out there to give some relief. One suspects the court might have given more relief the more "egregious" the facts.