Monday, January 22, 2007

Miley RIP

Did anybody catch CAAF's grant and affirmation of Miley last week? Rebecca Synder gave a great oral argument in Miley back in 2003. 59 M.J. 300. But the first CCA decision in Miley was in back in 1998. The case got to NAMARA in 1996. Chief Miley was tried on 13 September 1995. 11 plus years on appellate review, for the most part because the vacation hearing kept having problems. This was the third time Miley had appealed a CCA decision. Col Sullivan and Commodore Gansevoort may have been an O-3s when this case started.

On a side note, I cannot figure out how to get my computer to give me Google blogger in English, so I am attempting to post following Italian instructions. In case anybody was wondering, I do not know Italian like John Holt.

Jason Grover

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