Tuesday, January 16, 2007

CAAF recap

The three judge panel of Chief Judge Effron, Judge Baker, and Judge Erdmann heard 19 cases in October and November. CAAF has ordered that one of these, Moran, be reargued, as previously discussed here. That leaves 18 cases. CAAF has now decided 8 of those 18, plus Canchola, 64 MJ 245, a case in which it didn't hear oral argument.

All 8 cases decided after oral argument have been unanimous. Chief Judge Effron was the author judge in 5; Judge Erdmann was the author judge in 3. Judge Baker has not yet issued an opinion this term. (Canchola, the other case decided this term, was per curiam and was also unanimous.)

Based on the case assignment pattern, it appears likely that Judge Baker will author at least 2 of the following 3 opinions: Hardison, Clay, and Rankin. Either Judge Baker or Judge Erdmann will likely author the third.

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