Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Change in CAAFlog Description

I noticed that the description of our blog has been narrowed. We are now a blog about military appellate practice. Didn't we used to describe ourselves as a place for informed discussion of military justice in general? Also, we no longer aspire to be the Scotusblog for the military justice bar. Are my misadventures at medical now ultra vires?


CAAFlog said...

Columbus Clipper -- based on most of my postings, "serious" will be the next word to go.

No Man said...

Like the guy that is President of the Hair Club for Men, what better way could there be to facilitate serious discussion of MilJus appellate practice than to be a defendant in the system. Just make sure after you refuse your Anthrax vaccination you say, "I'm not just a CAAFlog contributor, but a defendant too!". Maybe we could film it and run a series of them like the post-Super Bowl "I am going to Disney" spots?