Friday, December 15, 2006

USAF post-trial delay?

Looks like the Air Force ran into some post-trial delay problems today in the Dunham case. I didn't know they had any such problems. Is this the first instance of CAAF finding unreasonable post-trial delay in a non-sea service case?


Dwight Sullivan said...

Okay, Columbus Clipper, you just stomped on my entire premise for CAAFlog Talk -- that nothing of interest showed up on the CAAF or CCA web sites today. You manage to take what looks like just another Moreno application and find something interesting in it. What next -- are you going to tell me that The Old Man and the Sea isn't really just a book about fishing?

Anonymous said...

". . . AFTER SENTENCE REHEARING." I believe is the operative language.
As I've noted before, I think the AF do a pretty good job of getting cases done quickly. And their MJ's seem to be on top of it. The MJ's seem to take an active interest in getting timely ROT's.
The Old Man and the Sea isn't just a book about fishing. It's a book about boats, and retirement homes.

Jason Grover said...

Depends on what you define as "finding unreasonable post-trial delay," but Bodkins was an Army case as I recall. 60 MJ 322