Monday, December 18, 2006

CAAFlog on the road -- again

According to Robert Benchley, “In America there are two classes of travel -- first class, and with children.” My trip to New York tomorrow will decidedly be the latter. So there won't be any exciting follow-on reports this time about law museums or record-holding bars. But if one of the Macy's window displays happens to be devoted to the Ansell-Crowder dispute, I'll certainly write about it when I get back on Thursday.

In the meantime, I hope that the No Man, the Columbus Clipper, the Super Muppet, and Guert post new content in my absence. Happy holidays!

--Dwight Sullivan


Marcus Fulton said...

I'll be in my spiritual homeland in Central Ohio. My ticket got punched twice, so I get to lug two car seats through the airport. At least there's no cat involved in this one.

No Man said...

I will be in my spiritual homeland in the Fench countryside as well, Ville de Billablehoure.

gene fidell said...

I´m still in Chile. Strongly recommend a visit to the naval museum in Valparaiso. It shares a building with the Chilean CNO.